f26bdd_796b246c7100da001f2b24d2e843ce47The Comprehensive Pain and Regenerative Center is a specialty practice established by:

Dorota M. Gribbin, M.D. in Princeton, Mercerville and Monroe NJ. 

​​Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Columbia college of Physicians and Surgeons, Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Gribbin is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a Section Chairman of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton (Hamilton, NJ).

She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Campus in New York. She was named one of the Best Physicians in Mercer County for 16 consecutive years (1999 to 2015) in the Castle Connolly Guide to the Best Physicians in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Dr. Gribbin specializes in the diagnoses, treatment and prevention of a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders. These include back pain and neck pain (spine medicine), entrapment neuropathies, radiculopathies, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndromes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, connective tissue diseases and post-traumatic conditions, sports medicine, pain treatment/management, regenerative medicine, anti-aging medicine, aesthetic medicine and medical weight loss. Diagnostic studies done in the office include electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCV) to diagnose entrapment neuropathies (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar & radial nerves entrapment, tarsal tunnel syndrome, meralgia paresthetica). P/VNG to diagnose peripheral and central vestibular dysfunction are performed in the office, which are treated with vestibular rehabilitation available on site.

Treatment includes patient education, physical therapy, hand therapy, pharmacological media and interventional procedures such as trigger point injections, peripheral nerve blocks and intra-articular injections-with ultrasound guidance. Epidural blocks and lateral facet blocks are done in the office under fluoroscopic guidance.

Dr. Gribbin has particular expertise in spine medicine, interventional spine treatment procedures, sports medicine and regenerative medicine. Her expertise in cancer rehabilitation is based on her training at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This includes treatment of polyneuropathies, lymphaedema and chronic pain. Manual and mechanical drainage of lymphaedema is available on site. Spastic disorders, such as hemiparesis, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, may be treated with pharmacological agents (including Botox injections), physical modalities, and orthotic devices and splinting. Painful conditions associated with pregnancy and postpartum conditions (carpal tunnel syndrome, meralgia parasthetica, back pain, coccydynia, migraine headaches and neck pain) are addressed with minimally invasive modalities.

She specializes in treatment without surgery and avoiding unnecessary steroid injections (unneccesary corticosteroids, cortisone). Trigger point injections are performed with normal saline, sterile water or platelets rich plasma. Botox injections are used for treatment of chronic migraine headaches. The goal is to provide highly effective treatment with no side effects. Physical Therapy (exercise, massage, myofascial release, manual therapy, physical modalities and cryothreapy) is available on site.

Most of the procedures are performed in our offices on an outpatient basis.

We Accept the following Insurance:

Aetna / US Healthcare
Horizon BCBS
Motor Vehicle
Personal Choice
Workers Compensation

Payment Methods

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
Cash / Personal Checks

Languages spoken in our office:

Polish, Russian, Italian, French,
Hindi, Gujrati, Spanish