“I would like to THANK Dr. Dorota Gribbin for the excellent care by her! Also, the physical therapist for  “Hands On Rehab” care that I have been given.”

– Ellen E. Fox

“Dr. Gribbin is very attentive. She listens to your questions. You can ask about your problems and you get answers. She tells you about procedures that will help you. She is very passionate and always has time for you and your questions. She is a very dedicated Dr. to her patients.”

– Margaret Dunlap


“I had rowing related tibialis posterior tendon tear. I was not a candidate for tendon sheath injection nor surgery, my Orthopedist recommended to stop training… that was not an option. Dr. Gribbin (my Mom!) cured me with Ionthophoresis technique. I have enjoyed crew for 8 years now.”

– Caitlin K. Gribbin

f26bdd_62fd1bf0bcff8096a574587f828bfcba“Our Trip to Thailand made possible by Dr.Gribbin’s care for us both!” 

– David & Eleanor Balaban

When I turned 93 years old, I began having trouble in the area of my left hip. There was pain, stiffness, lack of mobility and lower back pain.
With Dr. Gribbin’s magic treatment, at 93 years of age, my back pain and stiffness are gone, I have my mobility and my back is fine. I am able to walk without a cane in my house and use it outside only for balance!”

– G. Birdseye

In June, 2013, I was discharged from an orthopedic surgeon. I had so many other problems– severe arthritis, cervical lumbar spine, carpel tunnel, I could not write, that the Orthopedic Surgeon said the only treatment would be surgery and no guarantees. I had read about Dr. Gribbin in the newspaper and called for an appointment. It is now September and with Dr. Gribbins treatment, trigger point injections, physical therapy, medication regulation, I feel 90% pain free. She gave me hope and encouragement when noone else would. Thank you Dr. Gribbin and staff for giving me a new lease on life!”

– Frances Nawn.

“I feel 99% better now. I can walk, run 5 miles a day, do daily push ups and weight lifting. Just 3 months ago, I was unable to exercise and I couldn?t move without hurting. For 40 years I was in pain, which was progressively getting worse. I was in constant pain, and my dream was to spend 24 hours without pain before I die? Now I am pain free 24 hours every day. I am medication free and I am an athlete again. PRP and PPP treatment for my shoulders and hands performed by Dr. Gribbin worked very well for me. I feel wonderful ! I tell all my friends about too!”

– James Cascio

Two months ago I had severe pain at a level of 9-10. I couldn’t walk or sleep. After two months of treatment I feel great NO pain. I am walking without my cane and I feel wonderful. Dr. Gribbin is a beautiful lady who helped me very much.

– Jerry Richardson

Dr Dorota Gribbin has been treating me for my injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident. I can’t thank her and her staff enough. Everyone has been patient and very understanding to my mental and physical needs. I fought her with some of my treatment plan, but by and large Dr. Gribbin is exceptional at what she does. In essence she knew what was best for me and my recovery process, but was gracious enough to allow me to voice my independence.

 Great Job! I am truly grateful for the exquisite care I received.

– Wanda Johnson

Upon treatment for extreme neck and knee pain, when I first came to  Dr. Gribbin, I am very please with the results of the trigger point injections and PRP treatment and feel much better.

– Carol Campionoi

Dear Dr. Dorota Gribbin ,

About 1 year ago I started having pain in my right leg. I went to the doctor and found out I have arthritics in my right hip and I need surgery. At the time I did not want to operate, because I had other issues with my health. The pain was so bad that I was not able to walk or sleep.

My daughter told me about Dr.Gribbin in Princeton, NJ, after a few visits I started feeling better. Dr.Gribbin was very pleasant and gentle. I know that someday when im ready I will need a hip replacement, but for now I feel 80% better.

Thank you Dr.Gribbin it is a pleasure to know you.

Sincerely ,

Krystyna Wojtczuk

Feedback on Dr. Gribbin by P.B.K – A Patient

After sustaining a compression fracture in one of the vertebrae in my spine, the resulting back pain was excruciating. Finding Dr. Gribbin and her pain management team was very fortunate for me. The procedures she performed were selective nerve root blocks with local anesthesia and fluoroscopic guidance and viewing with injections.

Within a short period of time afterwards, my pain level was reduced considerably and I could once more return to my normal routines. Dr. Gribbin and her team have given me a new lease on life, one without constant, enduring pain.

-To anyone with Back Pain –

I am very happy with my treatments provided by the Comprehensive Pain And Rehabilitation Center , with Dr. Dorota M. Gribbin. She is an excellent doctor she is very calming, she is very excellent in giving spinal injections and you would hardly feel anything at all.

I was here 10 years ago for epidurals injections and I have returned back to her for her excellent care. She is easy to talk to. Her staff is friendly and efficient. You will be receiving the best of care with Dr. Gribbin and her staff at the Comprehensive Pain and Rehabilitation Center


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